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Can Samsung Galaxy S3 Play iTunes Music?

Samsung Galaxy S3 is likely to become the most popular Android phone of the year, succeeding to the footsteps of the Galaxy S2. As the latest version of Android, Galaxy S3 is designed with a whopping 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen and a whole suite of Apple-beating features. There's a slick new design as well---however, this rounded look hasn't been highly spoken by everyone, described as an old hat by some Android fans.

The Galaxy S3 comes in 16GB and 32GB storage options but there is a micro SD card slot so you can further expand its virtual shelves. The 64GB S3 is due to arrive later this year.

The Galaxy S3 is running on Android, Google's mobile operating system. Specifically, it's powered by Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). Until very recently ICS was the latest version of Android but that honor now goes to 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Play iTunes Music on Samsung Galaxy S3

According to Samsung, the Galaxy S3 is “inspired by nature – it sees, listens, responds, and allows you to share the greatest moments”. Although this sounds a little exaggerated, the nature theme fully takes on when you pick up the phone for the first time.

The above is a brief description on Samsung Galaxy S3. If you have lots of songs purchased from iTunes store and you have tried several times to transfer them to your Samsung Galaxy S3 unsuccessfully. There are two solutions for you to solve this problem. First one is that you can buy new songs from 7 Digital which is a powerful music store where you can listen to clips or buy songs and albums to live on the Galaxy S3 equipped with Music Hub app. Or you can remove the DRM protection of iTunes music, and then transfer them to your Android phone. Of course, the second solution is much cheaper than the first one. Then I will say something about iTunes music so that you can know more on it.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is set up as a system for the protection of digital works. This type of technology and system prevents users from doing things with content that the content providers do not permit them to do. DRM is any of several arrangements which allow a vendor of content in a digital form to control the material and restrict usage in various ways that can be specified by the vendor.

All of the systems for DRM are based on the identification and recording of information about the copyright owners and about the copyright associated with the content. The use of metadata and rights management information (RMI) or Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) is used to manage this. Metadata is information that is held about a particular piece of content. They are commonly structured around a set of keywords and data categories. Metadata keywords are created when they are needed and names that actually make sense like. The most common protection given by DRM is through encryption and digital watermarking. Apple DRM copy protection belongs to encryption.

Apple DRM copy protection files are also called "protected AAC" with file extension of ".m4p". Such M4P music files can be played on Apple products only, such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, iTunes, etc. If you would remove the DRM protection of iTunes music rather than buy those songs once again, you need a third-party program. There are both free and paid ones. The article titled 4 Ways to Sync iTunes Music to Android Phone may give you some hints.

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