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Convert iTunes Music to MP3 on Mac OS X
How to Convert AAC Files to MP3 Audios

AAC is short for Advanced Audio Coding which is a type of digital audio file and has been promoted as the successor to the well-known MP3 format. AAC generally offers higher-quality sound than an MP3 while using the same amount of disk space.While AAC is often perceived as a proprietary Apple format, it was in fact developed by a group of companies including AT&T Bell Labs, Dolby, Sony, and Nokia. As a result of such reason, AAC files can be played on a range of non-Apple devices, such as the Microsoft Zune, Sony PlayStation 3 and PSP, the Nintendo Wii, and Android mobile phones, etc.AAC is the format of all songs purchased from the iTunes Store. With the introduction of iTunes Plus in May 2007, all AAC files sold at iTunes are 256 kbps.

AAC files purchased from iTunes can only be authorized to play on a maximum of 5 computers. Computers can be authorized and deauthorized regularly, depending on personal requirements. This auricle will focus on how to convert AAC files to most common used MP3 audio files. Then you can enjoy them without any limitations.

1. How to convert ordinary AAC to MP3

The ordinary AAC means the AAC file not purchased from iTunes store. Clone2Go Free Audio Converter can convert such AAC files to MP3 audios.

Step1.Download and install Clone2Go Free Audio Converter

Download website:

Step2. Add AAC File

Convert AAC to MP3

Click the "Add Media Files" button to import AAC files. Alternatively, you can click "File -> Add Media Files..." to add files. Or you can also directly drag and drop AAC files to middle panel of the program.

Step3. Reset Output Format

Convert AAC to MP3

Select "MP3 - MPEG Layer-3 Audio (*.mp3)" as the output format from the "Profile" drop-down list.

Step4. Start the Conversion

Click the “Encode” button to begin the audio conversion. After all the files are converted successfully, click the “Folder” button to find the output MP3 files.

2. How to convert iTunes AAC music to MP3

The iTunes AAC music includes both DRM protected and unprotected files. Unprotected AAC can be converted to MP3 with iTunes. Protected AAC has to be converted with a third-party program.

(1)Unprotected iTunes AAC music

I will take iTunes Plus music as an example.

Step 1. Run iTunes, and select the iTunes music resource.

Step 2. Click "Advanced" from the iTunes menu bar, choose "Create MP3 Version". The converted files will be stored in your iTunes library.

Convert iTunes Plus to MP3 on Mac

Step 3. Once completed, 'Get Info' on the new file, edit meta data, add album art, and trash the originally purchased and AIFF audio files from your iTunes library.

Note: If you cannot find the "Create MP3 Version" in the "Advanced" drop-down list. Just do as the following.

Convert iTunes Plus to MP3 on Mac

Click the top-left "iTunes-> Preferences..."

Convert iTunes Plus to MP3 on Mac

In the pop-up "General Preferences" dialogue, click the "Import Settings..."

Convert iTunes Plus to MP3 on Mac

Choose the "MP3 Encoder" in the "Import Using" drop-down list. Then you can find the "Create MP3 Version" in the "Advanced" drop-down list.

(2)Protected iTunes AAC music

Step 1. Install and run TuneClone which is an iTunes music DRM removal tool. It has a built-in virtual CD burner, so there is no need to buy CD-R or CD-RW disc.

Step 2. Run iTunes, create a new playlist and add the DRM protected iTunes music to the playlist.

Step 3. Right click the playlist, and select "Burn Playlist to Disc".

Step 4. Pop up dialogue titled "Burn Settings", select "CDWriter TuneClone" as default CD Burner, choose "Audio CD" as Disc Format and tick "Include CD Text" (preserving the music metadata, such as name, artist, album names, etc.).

Convert iTunes Music to MP3 on Mac

Step 5. Click "Burn" button to start the burning. Nearly at the same time, TuneClone will convert the iTunes music to MP3 files automatically. You can open the TuneClone manager screen to check out the burning status. The output MP3 files can be found easily by clicking the "Reveal in Finder" button on the manager screen.

There is a detailed step-by-step demonstration on how to convert iTunes music to MP3 on Mac with TuneClone.

pdf guide to convert m4p to mp3 How to Convert AAC Files to MP3 Audios

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    TuneClone M4P to MP3 Converter enables you to remove DRM from iTunes music and convert iTunes music M4P to MP3 by installing a virtual CD drive. It works on both Windows and Mac OS X.

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Remove DRM from iTunes music and convert iTunes music to MP3 using TuneClone. Convert M4P to MP3 by virtual CD burner.
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